Optitektur is the name of the new series. We celebrate curves and edges. The specs with the product names Achse (axis), Kante (edge), Winkel (angle), Tangente (tangent), Kugel (sphere), Kubus (cube), Oval (oval), all have one thing in common – they break conventions and work with the polarities of angles and spheres.

Optitektur Structure

The new collection “structure“ refers to optitectural structures and to the specs-evolution of REIZ. Structure is the arrangement of and relations between parts or elements. This design relates to the system of reduction, the framework of curves, the scaffold of eye-poetry, the composition of elementary proportions of harmony and to the network between technology, design and the passion for frames. Proportions are the harmonious relation of parts to each other or to the whole. In this new edition entities and discrepancies are being joined to an optitectural design language. The charm of clarity and the balanced relation of lines and shapes establish the system of “structure”.

Optitektur Crystal

The delicate transparency and soft curves allow an inside into the inner lives of these distinguished models. With their crystalline modesty, the geometrical shapes appear modern and classy at once.

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