Eco Material

100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable

REIZ ECO material is a cellulose acetate manufactured under a special formula using substances from renewable sources. The percentage of components deriving from natural sources has been increased. Acetate is a polymer deriving from cellulose. The process coverst he treatment oft two types of fibres: fibres from seeds (cotton) and fibres from wood (conifers and broadleaves).

The material is phthalate-free and therefore compatible with other polymers, such as the polycarbonate. It keeps all the aesthetical and performance characteristics of the traditional acetate. The material can be worked without modifying the productive process of the frame and it is compatible with all types of lenses. The natural derivation of the material gives a pleasant effect of a „warm and silky“ touch. It allows the user to feel a sense of luxury which can only come from natural substances.

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