30. Aug



Diluted layers of colors, watery interpreted.

The light leads the brush. It dabs, glazes and granulates.

The dual tone of light and watercolors ethereally delicately embraces the lines and curves of the frames - modeling details and softly oscillating in its play of colors.

The five new watercolor transparencies smell of aubergine, toffee, aquamarine, mustard and linden green.

26. Sep


Published in SPECTR Magazine 36

photo SPECTR MAGAZINE @spectrmagazine // RAPHAEL SCHMITZ @raphael.schmitz

26. Oct


Kiesel, Dolomit, Marmor

Barfuß in Pfützen stampfen und den sanften Nieselregen auf der Haut spüren. Wir schärfen unsere Sinne und heißen die Farbenpracht des Herbstes willkommen.

Wir entdecken die erdigen und gebrochenen Farbnuancen der Blätter, Eicheln, Eckern und Samen und freuen uns über das emsige Treiben der Eichhörnchen. Und wenn wir uns auf eine vewitterte Bank hinsetzen und unseren Gedanken erlauben, eins mit der Fülle der Natur zu werden, dann spüren wir wie wundervoll diese Welt ist.

Entdecke die Modelle Kiesel, Dolomit und Marmor aus der Optitektur Structure Serie.

22. Jan

light collages

Opti 2020

Reflections, layered light – frayed at the edges. Glass reflections, illuminated forms that give birth to shadows. Soft light – hard light that combines to form collages and overlapping creates its own world of polygons, jagged lines and surreal games. Structures and compositions, angles and radii. A typology of harmonies, simplicity and sophistication. Light that illuminates the beauty of detail. The fascination of our opto-tectonic forms is based on the understanding and attention to the microcosm of these subtle nuances.

Trade show, Munich, Reiz and Opti – a collage of people, friends, laughter and lights that blur into a visual buzz.

01. Oct

Autumn pirouettes

Swirling colours

Leaves of various decent are playing ring-a-ring ‘o roses in public squares. Playing tag, chasing and ruffling each other. Doing pirouettes. Once rich in colour they blend into a mélange. The third season creates shades. The new nuances of the Optitektur-line with its swirling autumn colours evoke the charm of this earthy atmosphere. A triad of “Plum”, a ripe plum-red, of “Ocean” an allusion to the microcosm of a puddle and of “Marigold”, an homage to the curative powers of the marigold flower.

All new colours in spherical gradients and cloud layers.

25. Jul


four-color unity

If the sky was green and the meadows were blue, stones were soft and the imagination wasn’t infinite, then we’d know that our frames should always be monochrome. Although this mind game is seductive, we love variety and the interplay with colors. Polychrome spectacles, inspired by color harmonies. Gradients from an atumnal meadow to the bluish-greyish color of dense fog or of a setting summer sun at the beach. From the earthy red of Mars to a warm yolk nuance. Color combinations that touch us and unobtrusively form a soul relationship with the spectacles’ shape. Rarely, color effect and frame were as intertwined as in these four color gradients composed by us. Polychrome has arrived in a four-color unity.

06. Feb


in MUC

Glasses – Ballet – The Munich Brillett. The stage work, in which the glasses are in the foreground. A drama that invites to form dance by means of design. A three-day festival, an optitectonic opera, a Pas de Deux – left glass, right glass. Variations in the version. Swan Lake of the lines. Tchaikovsky for the eyes. Optimal vertical axis. Rotation, crack, cake colors. Arabesque – stretched temple. Attitude – curved temple. The Reiz-Brillett, technique, aesthetics, optics and interpretation. Cabriole!

26. Nov

Cake colors

slight sweetness and the reflection of the dew

Unexcited good. A classic simple cake. No magic, good ingredients, time and realism. We taste the Bourbon vanilla and sun-ripened strawberry cream on a biscuit dough. Not more. We bite into a big piece and the taste designs the colors in front of our eyes. A delicate synesthesia symphony. No boom, but a fusion of light sweetness and morning Taureflexion. Taste meets colors. Plain vanilla and strawberry cream. Real cake colors.

25. Oct


The smell of the rain or the yearning for the sun

Why not just do what you feel like doing. Hot summer days slowly turn into the cuddly autumn time. Close the eyes and breathe in the smell of the rain falling on the dry earth. Asphalt, stone, earth and city. Or dream of the sun, the sand and the vastness. Enjoy the petrichor moment or the thought of hot summer days. Just as you like.

17. Jul


in a cacao frenzy

Look at the world through cacao lenses and feel just like after a delicious cup of chocolate. Experience cacao and drown in a tinted world full of mysteries. Chrystal as sunglasses. Ethereal and sweet. Reciprocal relationships. Tinted crystal. Spherical and cosy. A liaison of structure, precision through cacao eyes.

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