07. Aug

Under the banner

of the blackbird

A birdie helped picking the lentils. “The good must be put in the dish, the bad you may eat if you wish." After having solved the task, the maiden brought the dish to her step-mother, feeling joyful, and thinking that now she should go to the feast; but the step-mother denied it. She then wept bitterly and bemoaned her fate. This arouse the birdie’s compassion, it transformed into a fair and beautiful Amsel and sat down on the maiden’s nose. She then realized her situation and went in all haste to the festival. The son of the king was enchanted by her charm and beauty. “Oh graceful, how noble thy face, so delicate and pure. Its shape so balanced, its countenance so fine.” Even though she couldn’t understand a word, she gazed at him, and they fell in love.

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06. Aug

REIZ 20 years – a retrospect

REIZ Germany has had a leadership role in the field of specs for 20 years. The milestones of product development have been restaged by Stefan Milev. What’s special about his photography is its visual language using only analogue means. None of the photos have been digitally edited.

05. Aug



19. Dec

Making of

Lovely Streams

Paris at night. The city beat pulsating vibrantly. Street lights and neon signs of the clubs melt together to an endless dynamic stream. No other city offers such a blend of romance, culture, fashion, pleasure, lifestyle and joie de vivre like the capital of France. »Lovely Stream« for REIZ – the mythical significance of the night stands for calm and a sense of home as well as intimacy, secrecy and positivity. Deniz Saylan, photo journalist for magazines and newspapers such as GEO, stern, Focus, The New York Times and The Financial Times interprets the »Lovely Stream« for REIZ in his very own fashion. To the Lovely Streams series.

10. Dec


Eco Material

Cellulose acetate produced according to a new formula is a driver of innovation. Cellulose remains the primary material for acetate, which is nature’s most common organic material. Unlike traditional acetate the percentage of wood and wool fibres have been increased and chemical softeners have been eliminated for the production of the eco-material.

Eco-acetate is a natural and skin-friendly material that retains all the properties of traditional acetate; aesthetically as well as with regard to performance. The increased basic hardness of provides additional advantages in processing and handling. With this we make a clear statement towards more sustainability and future promise of our products. One you can immediately feel. The increased stiffness of the frame feels silky soft.

09. Dec


Streams and Natures

As of now, we offer all models of these two series in matte surfaces, creating an entirely new range of colours. The frames receive an intricate and even matte surface, giving them a unique look and personal patina as soon as you wear them.

07. Dec



Pure gold in matte black acetate. Under our label R50 LIMITED, REIZ presents exclusive limited edition series. Series 2 is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. It comprises 8 models in matte black acetate, finished with 18 karat gold rivet in outstanding handcrafted quality, exuding a uniquely refined and pure character.

These are in high demand, so quickly send your order request to using »R50« as a subject header.

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