06. Feb


in MUC

Glasses – Ballet – The Munich Brillett. The stage work, in which the glasses are in the foreground. A drama that invites to form dance by means of design. A three-day festival, an optitectonic opera, a Pas de Deux – left glass, right glass. Variations in the version. Swan Lake of the lines. Tchaikovsky for the eyes. Optimal vertical axis. Rotation, crack, cake colors. Arabesque – stretched temple. Attitude – curved temple. The Reiz-Brillett, technique, aesthetics, optics and interpretation. Cabriole!

26. Nov

Cake colors

slight sweetness and the reflection of the dew

Unexcited good. A classic simple cake. No magic, good ingredients, time and realism. We taste the Bourbon vanilla and sun-ripened strawberry cream on a biscuit dough. Not more. We bite into a big piece and the taste designs the colors in front of our eyes. A delicate synesthesia symphony. No boom, but a fusion of light sweetness and morning Taureflexion. Taste meets colors. Plain vanilla and strawberry cream. Real cake colors.

25. Oct


The smell of the rain or the yearning for the sun

Why not just do what you feel like doing. Hot summer days slowly turn into the cuddly autumn time. Close the eyes and breathe in the smell of the rain falling on the dry earth. Asphalt, stone, earth and city. Or dream of the sun, the sand and the vastness. Enjoy the petrichor moment or the thought of hot summer days. Just as you like.

17. Jul


in a cacao frenzy

Look at the world through cacao lenses and feel just like after a delicious cup of chocolate. Experience cacao and drown in a tinted world full of mysteries. Chrystal as sunglasses. Ethereal and sweet. Reciprocal relationships. Tinted crystal. Spherical and cosy. A liaison of structure, precision through cacao eyes.  



12. Jan

Optitektur Structure

Neue Serie

Die neue Serie "Structure" bezieht sich auf optitektonische Strukturen und auf die Brillenevolution von REIZ. Struktur ist das Muster von Relationen, nach denen Elemente aufeinander bezogen sind. Die  Gestaltung bezieht sich auf das System der Reduktion, das Sinngefüge der Kurven, das Gerüst der Augenpoesie, den Aufbau elementarer Harmonieproportionen und auf das Geflecht von Technik, Gestaltung und der Leidenschaft für Brillen. Proportion ist das Spiel der Vereinigung von gegensätzlichen Anordnungen. In der neuen Serie "Structure" werden Einheiten und Diskrepanzen zu einer optitektonischen Formensprache vermählt. Der Reiz der Klarheit und die ausgewogene Relation von Linien und Formen begründen das System von "Structure".

Fotografie: Monica Menez

27. Oct

Feel the heartbeat

of Paris

Launch of the specs in Paris. 3 days REIZ showroom. Optitectural nude shades: Crystal. Prospects on the new collection Structure. Meeting the optician family. Laughing in Marais. Drinking and dining at the Place de Vosges. Feel the heartbeat.

20. Jul

Optitektur Crystal

New season

Almost transparent but with your gaze getting caught. As if the light of the sun shines onto the moon and the latter reflecting the rays to earth through a perfectly dark night. The elemental recreated, the existing reinterpreted. Delicate changes, soft and new. Crystalline dismantled into its smallest parts. Cautious and mysterious. Crystal – the new line in 12 models.

18. May

Optitektur Crystal

Making of shooting

Light powder shades, naked look, transparent frames with earthy or metallic nuances playing with the sun’s light. The frames of the new series Optitektur Crystal interpreted by Monica Menez. Very sexy, very light, very REIZ.

30. Mar



Surrounded by different shades of grey and the subdued broken colours of the house facades, construction machinery and engines symphonise in the beat of clicking spray cans. The colours transform the niches into an organic urban-biotope. Spray cans and concrete style – Optitektur – R20 sun spectacles – We love urban!

06. Feb

Opti(mal) crystal

When Optitektur met Opti, it had to be optimal – and so it was! Reiz presented their new crystal line of the Optitektur series.

Delicate transparency and soft curvatures. Munich rocks! Crystal rocks!


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